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Puppy House Training

Puppy House Training 

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To house train your puppy it is vital to never let them have a chance to toilet in any area other then where you desire them to go. This is a training process that could take quite a few weeks or months.  If possible try to limit the amount of access the puppy has to all areas of the house until you’re comfortable with the improvement of your pups’ house training. After 4 consecutive weeks of no mistakes in the house, a puppy is considered house trained. The greater effort, patience and determination put into house training your puppy, will be time well spent and you will be rewarded with a house trained dog for years to come.

Once you have chosen the area you would like your puppy to toilet; outside on the grass or garden etc. Always immediately praise or treat your puppy when they use the correct area. It’s important to give your puppy plenty of opportunities to toilet outside, by placing them in this area after sleeping, eating, drinking playing etc.  Try to prevent your puppy from forming the habit of toileting inside, watch your puppy at all times. Some signs that indicate your puppy needs to go outside are walking in circles, sitting or whining or sniffing on the ground. If your puppy can’t be supervised on an occasion, put the puppy outside or in a confined area.

During puppy House training it is advised to limit water access at night until puppy is trained or unless medically needed.

An Easy way of House Training Your Dog

Crate training is also useful when  house training your puppy; this involves placing your puppy in their travel crate during the day when you are not home and at night.  Instinctively your puppy will not toilet where they sleep; providing you allow time to take them outside to toilet.

Accidents will happen! When dealing with mistakes it’s important to not punish your puppy.

Smacking the puppy or rubbing its face in its mess is unnecessary. Puppies only want to please their owners and are too young to be able to connect this negative punishment with what they have done wrong.  If a mistake does happen you need to clean the area and eliminate the odour, using non ammonia based cleaner and an animal odour eliminator.If you catch your puppy in the act you need to get you puppy’s attention by making a loud noise (e.g. clapping) without scaring your puppy; this will interrupt the puppy and you can then take them outside immediately and praise them when they do it correctly.

Happy House Training!!