The Key To Dog Obedience Training

Walking on a lead

Unfortunately puppies don’t instinctively take to walking on a lead and it takes practice, some more than others. It is important to introduce your puppy to the collar and lead right from the start.

When first introducing the collar and lead it is helpful to allow your puppy to get used to the feeling of the collar constraint. Simply apply the collar for 3-4 days without taking them for a walk. Once you feel your puppy is comfortable with the sensation of the collar, start attaching the lead for a few minutes each day for a couple of days before taking your puppy for a walk.

When taking your puppy for their first walk on the lead it may only end up being a few steps. When you start applying pressure to the lead, do so gently. You need to get your puppies attention either through talking or using their familiar call. It is important to reward your puppy with praise or a treat when they follow the direction of the lead.

Your puppy will also need to learn not to pull on the lead, as this can cause frustration for you and in turn frustration for your puppy. To help with this behaviour it’s important for your puppy to learn the length of the lead. They need to understand that when they can’t go any further that it is the end of the lead. When a puppy pulls you need to calmly stop, get your pups attention and turn around walking in the opposite direction, this will then loosen the tension of the lead. This may be a repetitive process. Treat and praise you puppy when they allow the lead to be slack walking by your side.

Communication between you and your puppy is very important when on the lead. There are many new smells and distractions when walking and you need to be able to get your puppy’s attention on request. Once your puppy is happy walking alongside you on the lead, teach your puppy to have regular eye contact with you by saying their name, making little noises, giving treats and praise to get their attention. Behaviour problems and aggression towards other dogs can results of form lack of communication with your dog while on the lead.

Walking is a healthy form of exercise for your puppy and with patience and communication it should become a fun and enjoyable experience for you and your puppy.