What puppy suits me?

Having a dog as a pet is a wonderful thing, you will get more out of your dog than you think in the first place.
• your dog will keep you fit, as they needs exercise
• Keeping a dog lowers your blood pressure and reduce stress
• Owning a dog will boost the social skills and confidence of your children and the adult around you
• A dog will provide you with lasting companionship and unconditional love
But dogs come in all shapes and sizes and every breed is different, so it’s important to do some serious research as choosing the right dog is as important as getting a dog in the first place.

Your New puppies Temperament

As your dog is going to live with you for long time, it’s important to choose the right temperament that suits your family. In order to get the best match, the dogs temperament should be similar to your families’.

Easily trained or strong willed?

Active of subdued?

Also, if you have kids in your family, make sure you keep them in mind. Is your kid outgoing? Go for a breed that is friendly and approachable. Is your kid silent and reserved? Go for a quiet dog with a cautious mind set.

What Size puppy should I be looking for?
All puppies are cute, but they grow quickly, and some of them grow a lot. They double in size every 2 weeks in the first few weeks of their lives. Have a look into how your puppy will look like when they are adult dogs, how high and heavy will they be.

Larger dogs require more space and are more suitable in a house with a garden than in an apartment. If you’re living in an apartment, you should consider going for a smaller breed that is more tolerant for being indoors.

How much Grooming will your new puppy need?

Every dog needs grooming to stay healthy and clean. Almost all dogs shed, some of them shed all year round, some of them shed just for a period of time. It speaks for it selves that short haired dogs need less grooming, so if the kids are going to take care for the dog, a short haired puppy is a better option. Long haired dog may look beautiful, but you have to put time and effort in them to keep them that way. Some dogs needs grooming weekly and some special breeds may need professional grooming.

Looking after your puppies Health

A young puppy needs to see the vet on a regular base as he needs to get important vaccinations and worming tablet when he is young. After this your dog needs to see the vet at least once a year for a general check-up and repeat vaccinations.
Some breeds may be more prone to certain conditions. Another thing to keep in mind is that some dogs better suit in warm/cold weather than others.
Doing research about and being educated about the health issues that your dog may get, will avoid or alleviate future problems.

Affordability of your puppy

Apart from a lot of time, a dog also requires a lot of money. The dog will cost a lot more than the initial price you pay when you purchase the dog. Larger dogs eat more than smaller breeds and their healthcare costs will be more expensive. Purebreds will cost more money when purchasing and they usually have genetically predispositions to certain types of health problems.

Choosing the right dog will ask some good research, there is a lot of information on the internet and in books and there are even ‘breed search programmes’ on the internet. Before purchasing a dog, pass by your vet to have a quick chat, The nurses have got a wealth of information that can help you can tell you more about the breed and can discuss with you if the dog will be a good match to your family. Make sure you ask about their puppy preschool that most vets run for puppies between 8 and 14 weeks old. This will be a must for you and your new puppy to get their social skills up and to get you help on how to train your puppy because that will be the next step in this adventure for you and your new puppy.

Then you will be looking for the best dog training you can find for your new puppy.

Have you picked a name yet. Here are a few tips

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For your new male dog    maledognames.net

Good Luck