The Secret to a Well Trained dog

Training at home
Playing is very important for the development of puppies to learn self-confidence, socialization and how to communicate and interact with other dogs. This development starts when the puppy is still in its litter. It is normal for puppies to become somewhat rough while playing and a hierarchy will develop within the group. Some postures and behaviours seen while playing are:

Food guarding

Feed your puppy last after the whole family has eaten. Ask the puppy to sit and wait before giving meals and before other pleasures such as going for a walk to teach them to settle and be calm. Occasionally put your hands in the puppy’s food bowl and handle the food teaching them not feel threatened and that it’s ok to have someone reach out to the bowl when eating. Also sit with the food bowl in your lap while slowly feeding and patting the puppy. Always remember to give positive encouragement and treat the puppy when the correct behaviour has been displayed. Meal time should be a social time, stand and wait with your puppy while they eat, this provides company for you puppy. Remove any unwanted food 20 minutes after meal time, this will give the puppy a routine, help with training and they will learn to eat when you want them to rather than when they feel like it. This will also help prevent unwanted fussy eating habits.


  • Feed puppy last
  • Touch the food bowl while the puppy is eating and praise
  • Postitive reinformement as often as possible
  • Remove food after 20min  ( prevents grassing and fussy eaters)