Easy Ways to Stop Your Dog from Digging, Jumping and Howling


digging dog

Your Dogs origin is from wolves which are wild animals that were, domesticated so that we benefit from their loyal companionship and skills. However trained your dog is, if you leave him alone in the wild for a few days, he will learn to eat waste, dig holes and howl or whine whenever he want. Just as we teach discipline to ourselves and our children, dogs should be taught to comprehend what is positive and negative, as dogs understand these conditioning methods only. Let us look at some of the many problems faced while teaching discipline to your dog.

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How to stop your dog from digging


Firstly, dogs dig because they are lonely or bored, sniff a familiar smell, to hide food or to satiate themselves. Another major reason that dogs dig is to escape from the heat. Follow the below steps to discourage him off this act:

  1. Command your dog not to dig in a firm and assertive tone.
  2. Engage your dog in exercise, games and activities that entertain him or curb boredom
  3. Help your dog socialise with other dogs
  4. Use dog repellent in the trash can
  5. Placing an alarm (A sprinkler, balloon or sound alarm) wherever he usually digs is a way to scare him off the act
  6. Keep citrus peels around the area that your dog digs
  7. Digging holes is his way of attention seeking, hence, engage your dog in playful activities that does not bore him steadfast
  8. Make a sandbox so that he can vent out his digging tendency in a safe way
  9. Create a shady space for your dog so that he does not have to respite off the heat
  10. Research and surf more information about stopping your dog from digging the fence

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How to stop your dog from jumping the fence

Dogs jump the fence for a variety of reasons like following another animal, finding the mate, boredom, hunger and out of fear. This is a natural behaviour of almost all dogs and one must teach it to stop it, rather than expect it to learn on its own one day! Some ways to stop this is through,

  1. Command your dog not to jump the fence
  2. Practise commanding your dog not to jump the fence, continuously
  3. Neuter your dog
  4. Spend sufficient time with your dog
  5. Do not leave your dog alone for more than 4 hours
  6. Use chicken wire around your fence
  7. Keep a slippery surface (like a pipe) on top of the fence to prevent him from jumping
  8. Use cat-netting to prevent your dog from getting a grip on the fence
  9. Exercise with your dog regularly
  10. Extend the height of your fence

dog howling

How to stop your dog from howling incessantly

Howling and moaning sounds of a dog are a sign of his whining tendencies and boredom. Myths state that dogs howl at ghosts. Logic dictate, dogs howl to seek attention (not necessarily yours), just like its barking tendencies. This is also the primary way of how a dog establishes his presence in a space. Another distinct reason that dogs howl is due to any sudden or new noise that is high-pitched, akin to sirens and music. They can also howl due to their anxiety disorder, separation anxiety, fear, depression, isolation, boredom or even serious medical reasons.

Changing a dog’s reason to howl is not as easy as teaching him tricks or commands. You have to cite his reason for howling and then communicate to eradicate it with positive conditioning. Environmental triggers can also be a reason that a dog howls without stop. Some ways to curb this are:

  1. Crate-train your dog without vocals
  2. Teach him to be alone on his own, each time increasing the amount of time he is on his own.
  3. Never leave him alone for more than 4 hours
  4. Command your dog not to howl
  5. Introduce the command called ‘hush’, to your dog
  6. Employ positive conditioning by giving your dog treats, whenever he howls
  7. Ignore your dog whenever he does not listen to your commands
  8. Exercise and wear his energy out, regularly
  9. Give your dog enough toys to keep him entertained
  10. Neuter your dog

If it is impossible for you to prevent your dog from jumping fences, digging the garden and howling in the middle of the night consult the help of a professional dog trainer, as you will not be able to cite all problems that cause the same.

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