Dominance based Dog training

dominance based dog training

A popularly misconceived judgement about dogs is that, if let into the wild, every dog becomes unruly and dominant creature.

However, the fact is, dominance is not a characteristic of the dog, rather a term for defining the relationship shared by him and you or his comrades. Dominance becomes valid among two or more beings, when one of them utilises the power to choose first among the available resources of food, entertainment and freedom.

Why establish dominance over your dog?

Dominance based dog-obedience training keeps the master in the dominant category to become the Alpha of the pack. Although dogs are wolf-descendants, who live in packs for survival and have a tendency to lead the pack and be the Alpha. Dogs are not really always looking to get one over you. They don’t all need to be top dog.

Once you employs your own authority over your dog through effective communication, bonding and practise, the dogs start to revere the master as their own Alpha. Dogs being a category of animals that prefer to live in packs, accepting dominance or submissive roles are a natural state of mind to them. If you do it right and you have successfully establish this type of bond with your dog, you become the master or the dominant one among your canine house members, your dog will automatically assume the submissive post. This tends to result in him being overprotective and possessive as well as paranoid about every movement of yours. We need to direct the dog, and not the other way around, in order to avoid him harming himself, others or us.
Effects of Dominance based dog training
Some ways that people implement this dominance based dog training is through ways such as
a. Making the dog watch you while you are having dinner
b. Giving him dinner after you
c. Always lead while walking or entering new spaces
d. Preventing the dog form jumping on your furniture or bed, ever;
e. Punishing whenever the dog chews anything he should not chew
f. Pushing the dog off whenever he gets too close or pounds onto you
g. Never letting the dog pull the leash
With proper dominance training, one tends to reap many effects such as
a. Controlled behaviour
b. Calm and obedience in the dog
c. Dog waiting for you to command
d. Dog following solely the commands you order
e. Loving, respectable and amiable dog
f. This is a kind of positive reinforcement
g. Improves emotional bonding with the dog

Facts and Myths about Dominance based training

When teaching your dog to revere and love you with a respect of accepting that you are more powerful than the dog, you train him to be, bonded perpetually to your commands and orders. Improper dominance based dog training can result in various problematic conditions of the dog becoming rude, aggressive or pushy even in your presence. Hence, one must first know the facts and myths of this exclusive training technique of the Dog whisperer to conduct a healthy training session based on dominance.

Myths about dominance based dog training

1. Aggressive dogs are always trying to be dominant
2. Positive training fail when treats are stopped
3. Food is bribery
4. Dogs respect the people whom they are afraid of or who are dominant with them
5. Positive training is painfully slow
6. Positive training worsens an aggressive dog
7. Positive training disposes discipline and replaces it with undue care
8. All dogs want to be the alpha dog
9. Dominance based training is instant fix
10. Positive trainers consider dogs as human kids

Facts about dominance based dog training

1. The Alpha, top dog eats first
2. Aggressive dogs are violent because they have not been taught to be calm
3. Treats are a prop to introduce positive training to the dog and not the other way around!
4. An extension of the above truth, food is a relieving way of calming every dog to humility, obedience and bonding
5. Dogs respect the alpha for the safety and not out of fear. Dogs respect the one who feeds them, plays with them or spends time with them the most. This is not dependent on the Alpha characteristics solely.
6. Positive training is the only training technique that instils a long-term understanding in the dog
7. Positive does not equate to permissive
8. Being the Alpha dog is a leadership effect of the dog’s behaviour. All dogs want to be safe when in the pack as none of them want to be, hurt by a routine frustration of their comrades.
9. Nothing is an instant-fix. If you are introducing any form of training as a fix to your dog, it will eventually degrade the psychologically stability and physical conditioning of the dog;
10. Dogs are dogs. A positive trainer never considers the dog as a human child.