Easy Tips for Destructive Chewing

Destructive chewing

Dogs, especially puppies will chew on just about anything they find in their environment; this is normal puppy behaviour.   Puppies are very curious and lively which is why it’s normal for them to want to explore and learn about their environment by tasting and chewing on items in and around the home.  There are many reasons dogs and puppies chew;

  • boredom,
  • teething,
  • separation anxiety or to receive attention whether it’s good or bad.

One of the main reasons for destructive chewing with puppies is teething, this usually occurs between 3-6 months of age.

To help prevent and teach your puppy not to chew on your furniture and favorite pair of shoes, have a variety of appropriate toys for them to chew instead. Provide toys made of rubber and nylon which puppies have a natural preference to chew, exciting toys like kongs and treat balls which allow you to hide kibble, treats and flavoured paste inside, soft toys and squeaky toys. To prevent your puppies losing interest with their toys rotate them over the period of a week this will ensure the toys stay appealing to your puppy keeping them enthused and excited. Always remember to reward good behaviour, praise and treat your puppy when they are chewing on their appropriate toys. Don’t punish your puppy for chewing the wrong thing simply interrupt the behaviour and replace the item with the correct toy, praising them when they chew on it.

When preventing inappropriate chewing don’t give your puppy the opportunity to chew the wrong thing. Supervise or confine your puppy to a limited area; don’t leave shoes, clothing or other items that you do not wish to be chewed in reach of your puppy and avoid using items such as  old clothing, shoes etc  as acceptable chew toys  which can be mistaken for similar objects that are not allowed to be chewed. destructive chewing is preventable. It required diligence on your part for a few weeks.

Good Luck, You can do it.