How can I control my dog’s constant barking or high volume

Barking is an inherent quality of most dogs ( only baseji’s don’t bark). barking is the most natural, vehement and lone language of dogs. When your dog uses barking at the right time for the right reasons then just as talking in people it is a normal tool to use.


However just as constant talking to an imaginary friend is a sign of some problem in adult humans, when dogs indulge in incessant barking it is obvious that something is wrong. In order to understand the reasons for incessant barking in dogs, we must first understand all about barking, in dogs.

Dog Barking

Why is your dog barking?

Just as we can’t expect a baby to not talk, one should not expect a dog to nor barking at all. However, some dogs engage in continous barking without a stop and to us it looks like no reason. Controlling your dog’s barking is a necessity and can be rectified by understanding and communicating with your dog. Some of the reasons that dogs are bark are:

  1. Protection

    : this is based on a dog’s idea of its territory. When anything or anyone crosses into the territory of a dog, the dog starts to become protective and barks incessantly. When the distance of this threat gets closer, your dog will start barking louder and louder. This can even make the dog aggressive or violent as strangers are not welcome to a dog, owing to its fundamental notion of all strangers being harmful. Understand that your dog is just trying to protect himself and you when engaging in this kind of barking.

  2. Fear

    : Certain dogs start to bark out of control due to a fear or in alarm. When a specific noise or action catches the dog’s attention to register as a fear, it ends up startling them to a fear. A dog that is in fear, vents out its anticipation and energy through incessant barking.

  3. Loneliness

    : As dogs are animals that move around in packs, an isolated dog often finds resort in barking. When a dog is left alone or caged up for more than 4 hours, it gets bored or lonely. He can develop a aggressive or aloof behaviour from this and hence resorts to barking to show his whining feeling. Boredom is often the cause of this type of barking.

This one we can work on.

  1. Playfulness

    : Dogs love to play and they love to play for hours! If your dog is wagging his tail without stopping alongside barking, this is his way of greeting or showing his readiness to play. Excitement in dogs always goes with barking. This usually dims down when the source of excitement of game is over. This is a non-violent and happy barking.

  2. Attention seeking

    : Dogs always need attention as they feel that their owner loves them equally as their own unconditional attention for their owner. Often when a dog barks incessantly, provided he is in isolation, he is seeking attention of company, food or protection. The best way of dog to direct the attention of the master is through barking.

  3. Anxiety

    : The fear of separation anxiety or compulsive barking is based on the dog’s adaptation to be left alone. This is a very hard one to work on but with help it is possible.Depressed or stressed out dogs with previous history of traumas indulge in incessant barking due to their anxiety disorders. These dogs bark in order to hear their own voices and find comfort through the same.

  4. Another symptom of compulsive barking is running in circles or running without a stop.

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How to Treat incessant barking in your dog

If you notice that your dog barks too much or without a reason, employ the following methods to treat his excessive barking:

  1. Teach your dog the command of ‘listen’, ‘stay’ and ‘quite’. You dog does not understand English, so make sure that he trained to understand it.
  2. Command in a calm and firm voice without yelling so that your dog understand that you are not shouting. Shouting always stimulates a dog to bark more.
  3. Exercise your dog thoroughly so that he is not resorting to barking in order to vent his excess energy.
  4. Exercise religiousyl and regularly with your dog
  5. Do not isolate your dog for more than 4 hours at a stretch. If this isn’t possible you will need some entertainment around.


Kongskong dog barking

These are virtually indistructable toys made of really hard rubber. Most dog will not be able to brake it. They can be filled with long lasting treats. Normal wet dog food or I usually use a combination of both. Chewing in dog releases endorphins like when we excersise hence why they enjoy doing it.



 Iceblocks with treats or toysice treat

Just use an empty icecream container and put treats and toys in the water then freeze it. You can even add chicken or beef stock for extra flavour. When yo need to leave your dog for a long period of time take it out of the freezer. It will provide hours of enterainment on a warm day..



  • Treat toys ( keep in mind the size of your dog when selecting the toys)pet treat ball

These are specially designed balls or cubes that are made for dry food. If you have to leave your dog for the day. Don’t give him any food in the morning just put it in the ball or cube and leave him or her with it. They will need to push the ball or cube to get the food. It will keep their brain active and will help with them not looking for entertainement by barking none stop at nothing.



If your dog likes digging this is the ideal solution. Hide some treats in the sand that

your dog is allowed to dig up. This will give them the mental stimulation they need and

an appropriate place and not your grass or flowers.


Treasure hunt (hide treats in your garden) Treasure map






  • Paddle pool ( if you dog likes water, only a little 3 inches of water to still have fun but safe)paddle pool
  1. Do not let your dog continue barking at any time, control it in the very budding state if you can
  2. Have many activities to entertain your dog and not just one
  3. Feed and take him to potty at the right time
  4. If your dog is moaning, rather than whining, there might be serious causes to it. Consult a veterinarian in such cases
  5. Love an be with him at good stretch of time every day

I hope this helps you with your dog. If you need more help

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