How Effective is Clicker Training for my Dog

Clicker Training for Dogs

Clicker Training

Clickers for Dog Training

Clicker Training for Dogs is a science based method in providing dog obedience classes for your dog rather than the painstakingly long mechanism of teaching good and bad; clicker training produce stunning and instant results, when performed the right way. With the prime mechanisms relying on giving treats and acquainting your dog with the sound of a click, it is almost impossible to make your dog follow your sound in the absence of a clicker.

What is Clicker Training for Dog?

Clicker training relies on teaching your dog what is good manners through positive reinforcements. This is, implemented with the help of a clicker a tasty treat to your dog. Whenever your dog does something right, click and treat him. This instils a sense of understanding in your dog in registering good behaviour, in order to repeat it. One can indulge in punishing or screaming ‘yelp’ whenever he displays bad behaviour. A clicker is, defined as a palm-sized plastic box that produces the sound click upon clicking manually. Although this method has its own demerits of the difficulty in holding the leash, clicker and treat at the same time, it tends to condition the dog to gradually, comprehend positive behaviour. Clicker training method begins with swift movement of educating your dog what right from wrong is. Exemplifying, if you want to teach your dog that he must stay calm the moment your raise your palm, the moment he does it, click on the clicker and treat him. With sufficient repetitions and acknowledgement, it is possible to train your dog a simple me

chanism to teach many examples of good behaviour, once he learns that any action preceding the click is a good one!

Pros and Cons of Clicker Training

Dog Treats

Dog Treats as rewards

Once you have taught your dog with Clicker Training that a treat awaits every time he hears a click, he will

start to associate click with a positive energy every

time. Next, one should introduce click and treat every time the dog does something right. Now, in the due course, there are chances of your dog getting bored of the working of clicker training and its treats. These training mechanisms can also be a failure if your dog is overfed and start to ignore the treats! Apart from this, your dog can also become aggressive or confused in the presence or absence of clicks. In order to properly introduce clicker training to your dog, your must first analyse the pros and cons of the same.
1. You can teach your dog many tricks with the help of a clicker
2. A clicker is small enough to always carry with you.
3. You will find it easy to teach new behaviours to your dog with the help of a clicker
4. A clicker always marks the event to specifically teach your dog what is good or acceptable
5. It can be used to train many animals and not just dogs
6. Clicker training does not harm or hurt your dog
7. A clicker trained dog is a highly responsive dog
8. Clicker training creates positive reinforcements and hence a lot of positivity
9. Instant registration with the help of a clicker is deeper conditioning in dogs.
10. Builds a stable and healthy bond between the dog and the master
1. Never click when your dog is doing multiple tasks, this will render him confused.
2. If your dog has a low appetite, the training mechanism can end up as a failure
3. If you click and treat your dog all through the day, your dog will soon start to ignore the training technique.
4. Without proper timing of clicking, your dog will be confused.
5. You cannot hold the leash, clicker and the treat all at the same time.
6. You cannot stop an aggressive dog from attacks with a click
7. Your dog will not respond to your voice.
8. Clicker training is a form of bribing the dog.

With respect to the classical conditioning in dogs, there might be many instances of your dog facing issues of confusion and misunderstanding in him. Your Dog, being a highly sensitive pet, picks up fast on positive reinforcements and Clicker training has no negative effects on the dog.
Apart from the quality of the clicker, everything is dependent on the practice, experience and dedication that you provide your dog with.